Mountain Goat Morning

Rays of light shining through the clouds as seen from the Pikes Peak Highway
Mountain Goats (?) looking for food just outside of the Pikes Peak Summit House early in the morning before the summit fills with visitors from the Pikes Peak Highway and the Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway.


Sunset Panoramic Part III

I wonder what this sunset looked like in Colorado Springs or one of the other cities below. Probably nowhere as beautiful as it was up at the summit.

Sunset Panoramic Part II

This was one of those evenings where I had to keep running outside every 15 minutes to take a new picture. This one is looking to the west, with a giant snow pile still left in the center of the summit parking lot.
The best views on top of Pikes Peak always, without question, come after the highway closes and the last train heads down.

Sunset Panoramic

This sunset picture isn’t even facing the sun. I love the colors in the sky, looking southeast off of the summit.

Coming Down on the Cog

Due to an incoming storm threatening the safety of the Pikes Peak Highway, several summit workers, including myself (obviously), had to go down on the last train since the “heavy duty” van wouldn’t have had enough seats in it.
The sun beginning to set, with snow still on the ground in mid-June.

Signs of Summer

A thunderstorm rolling past the summit of the mountain to the north.
Another shot of the storm rolling by with the Cog Railway entrance to the Summit House visible.

Snow in June

June 12, 2015
Taken out of the window of the Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway on the way up to the summit of Pikes Peak on June 12, 2015.
Instagram Crop
Instagram Crop

First Snowfall of the Season

I took this picture on my last day of work during the 2014 season. It was the first snow of the long winter season on top of Pikes Peak. Who knew there would continuously be snow on top of Pikes Peak from this point to mid-June 2015? (Photo taken with Apple iPod Touch (5th Generation))