Stellar Sunset

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This was definitely one of the best sunsets that I was able to witness from the Summit of Pikes Peak.

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Mount Evans Road

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These pictures clearly aren’t from Pikes Peak, but are instead from the Mount Evans, which like Pikes Peak, has a paved road all of the way to the summit.

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The Summit of Pikes Peak can be clearly seen from the Summit of Mount Evans.

Vertical Rainbow

The after affect of having a huge thunderstorm blow past the mountain. While the west side of Colorado Springs was getting pounded by rain, we had clear blue skies and a fantastic view of this rainbow.

The entire storm moving its way into Colorado Springs.
Didn’t make this shot a panoramic in order to give more attention to the magnificent rainbow shooting out of the storm cloud.

Sunset Panoramic Part III

I wonder what this sunset looked like in Colorado Springs or one of the other cities below. Probably nowhere as beautiful as it was up at the summit.

Sunset Panoramic Part II

This was one of those evenings where I had to keep running outside every 15 minutes to take a new picture. This one is looking to the west, with a giant snow pile still left in the center of the summit parking lot.
The best views on top of Pikes Peak always, without question, come after the highway closes and the last train heads down.

Sunset Panoramic

This sunset picture isn’t even facing the sun. I love the colors in the sky, looking southeast off of the summit.