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Mostly Cloudy Sunset


The setting sun lights up the non-cloudy part of the sky.

Mostly Sunny Sunset


This photo was taken from the north face of the mountain, looking east (obviously) towards the sun setting between a thin layer of clouds and the mountains.

I just left my iPhone 6 in the window for a little while while I was mopping the summit house.

High Altitude Fox


There isn’t a lot of variety in wildlife on the Summit of Pikes Peak – mostly birds, marmots, and mountain goats, which is why it was surprising to see a fox make it to the summit. In order not to scare it away, I had to zoom in from a considerable distance away, hence the blurriness of the photo, but I still think it turned out okay.

Black and white version of the same photograph.

Black and white version of (almost) the same photograph.

Pikes Peak Summit Sign


This sign is a very popular location on the summit for photos. Even though it still shows the incorrect elevation, the views behind it make up for the discrepancy.

Another Day, Another Rainbow

Oddly enough, I don't recall it raining at all the day this picture was taken, at least not on the summit.

Oddly enough, I don’t recall it raining at all the day this picture was taken, at least not on the summit.

Shadowy Sunset

These photos were taken after the “Vertical Rainbow” series, focusing on the shadow of the mountain appearing in the purple clouds as the sun dips below the mountain.


The ‘Instagram’ Edit

Vertical Rainbow Part III

Two different versions of the same photo of the storm and the rainbow continuing to move further east.


Vertical Rainbow Part II

After the storm passed through and during the middle of when I was photographing the vertical rainbow, the mountain goats (?) made their nightly visit to the summit for food.


I had to almost hide around the south facing side of the summit house to take these photos as the animals scare pretty easily.

The mountain goat (?) enjoying the view.

Vertical Rainbow

The after affect of having a huge thunderstorm blow past the mountain. While the west side of Colorado Springs was getting pounded by rain, we had clear blue skies and a fantastic view of this rainbow.

The entire storm moving its way into Colorado Springs.

Didn’t make this shot a panoramic in order to give more attention to the magnificent rainbow shooting out of the storm cloud.

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